Typical application examples for mineral-insulated thermocouples

Sheath thermocouple with flange

Sheathed thermocouples, also known as sheathed thermocouples, are used in various industries and applications where precise temperature measurements are required. This type of thermocouple consists of two different metallic conductors that are connected together at one end and open at their other end. The open ends are placed at the location where the temperature is to be measured. ThermoExpert° Deutschland GmbH, with its managing directors Heiko Gevert and Andreas Helf, has been a partner of all these industries and of research for many years. The range of applications for thermocouples is almost unlimited - and so is the wealth of ideas for getting customers where they want to go.

Heating solutions from ThermoExpert

In this short film you can see very nicely - in fast motion - the heating up of a customized heating solution. The required final temperature is reached extremely evenly and to the point - constantly and precisely monitored by our sheath thermocouples from our own production. With our team in Stapelfeld, we have been successfully implementing even the most complicated or elaborate requirements for many years - from minimal heating capacities to heating plates or surfaces with a capacity of several KW. Our customers can be found in research and education, food industry, aerospace, as well as in the automotive sector and so on.

Employer of the year 2023

Employer of the Year Award

When the working atmosphere is right, the economic result is also right.

As simple as the calculation is, as challenging it can be in everyday work to reconcile as many employee concerns as possible with customer projects. But as ThermoExperts, we love challenges and we master them best in conversation. As founders of ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH, we don't sit in the ivory tower, but are very close to our employees.

Perfect teamwork

international employees live at perfect teamwork at ThermoExpert

Finding qualified employees is definitely a challenge. Unfortunately, our industry is no exception. We are therefore all the happier that we were able to recruit a new colleague from Syria for our team despite a number of hurdles. The hurdles were both for the new colleague, whose degree in metrology was not recognized by German authorities, and for us, because we also had to deal with several piles of small-print paper as an employer.

At the end of the day, however, we have gained a valuable, committed new employee for our international team. We tend to see different cultures as an enrichment, and as an employer we also make it possible to live them.

ThermoExpert: Fast and reliable

At ThermoExpert, we have always placed great emphasis on being an extremely reliable partner for you. Our internal processes - whether for the production, maintenance or repair of heating solutions or trace heating systems - are extremely carefully timed. If you have a problem and our capacities allow it, we can often implement your wishes on the same day and guarantee reliable dispatch on the following working day. Contact us at any time - the ThermoExperts are always at your side.

Certified quality according to ISO 9001:2015

The ThermoExperts have again received letter and seal for their quality management system - a re-certification without deviations. This clearly shows that the quality standard in the company is supported and lived by all employees. All work processes and procedures have always been continuously checked for their conformity and improvement, because quality assurance has always been part of the guiding principle at ThermoExperten.

Thermal imaging camera detects hot spots and cold spots of the heating application

Whenever high measurement accuracy of the temperature distribution is required, a thermal imaging camera is used - because the development of individual heating applications is often a matter of millimeters and milliseconds. Complementing the FEM analysis, the thermal imaging camera can be used not only to simulate the temperature distribution, but also to map it in real time. The temperature of metal surfaces can thus be measured precisely without contact in the temperature range from 450°C to 1,800°C. The measurement accuracy is ±2 %.

Simulate temperature distribution using FEM analysis

When developing customer-specific heaters, designs can be put through their paces in theory in advance with the help of SolidWorks®. At every stage of development, this allows the temperature distribution on components to be simulated so that the designer can ensure that the desired temperature ranges are also achieved under realistic conditions. Further FEM calculations or strength calculations under the effect of temperature are also possible to ensure product safety.

Flame spraying for fixing heatsealing bands or coating thermocouples

New: The ThermoExperts offer powder flame spraying - also known as metal spraying - as a spray coating process. It is used to attach mineral-insulated heating cable, for example with aluminum or stainless steel, while ensuring heat transfer. The advantage is that, in addition to the material savings, the main focus is on the machine finishing option for creating a completely smooth surface in order to be able to seal the component against a vacuum. But flame spraying is also used to coat thermocouples. In this way, the service life of thermocouples can be extended in aggressive media such as in fluoric acid or sulfuric acid.

The secret of ThermoExperts' success: highly qualified and loyal employees

The company was only founded in 2012. The managing directors then and now are Andreas Helf and Heiko Gevert. Within a very short time, they have written a great success story: They have always been able to meet the steadily growing demand for customized, sheathed thermocouples and mineral insulated heating cable with top quality. Accordingly, the company has grown steadily - to 16 employees in the meantime. The highlight: The employees are loyal and faithful, i.e. the expertise and know-how remain in the company. Specialists are trained internally and further experts for thermal applications can be built up in this way. Thanks to consistent quality at a high level, the market has quickly gained confidence in the still fairly young company. And so, as the successes grow, so do the customer relationships with the absolutely reliable employees.